About the company

Jakobi Sustainability AB was founded in the year 2014 with the aim to work with customers who want to contribute to sustainable development, which for us means functioning ecosystem and a healthy interaction between people. The goal is to be at the forefront in the Jakobi will work with environmental assurance in development projects and to create sustainable development. To our employees constantly should be among the best, we place great emphasis on a good work environment and corporate culture. It means that we believe that all people are equal and that we treat all people then. We work to foster long-term relationships. We constantly strive to improve the company’s procedures and working methods from an ecological, economic and social perspective.

With kind regards
Marie Jakobi, founder and ceo

IMG_1074_port in glassvikBusiness idea

Jakobi Sustainability AB offers consulting services that provide sustainable community development projects. We work with clients who are committed to their business to contribute to sustainable development.

We focus our activities on the environment leading to sustainable development, currently mainly environmental assurance of development projects as well as nature inventories and natural environment. The range of services will grow as the number of employees increases.

Operations policy

To live up to our mission and business concept, we have developed an operations policy that to permeate all our activities. The company’s environmental and quality policies are integrated in the operating statement, then we have an integrated quality and environment system.

  1. We work with consultants that help to fulfil society’s vision of a sustainable society and a sustainable planet (ecologically, economically and socially).
  2. As a starting point for our environmental work is the laws and requirements that concern our and customer operations. We follow in the newest research in environmental and sustainability issues and adapt our environmental and sustainability work in the light of new facts in the field.
  3. We minimise the environmental impact of our own operations by continuously choose the environmentally and ecologically sustainable option in terms of transport, premises and the products we buy or use.
  4. We minimize waste by reusing or recycling as much as possible.
  5. Our quality work is to have us deliver our consulting assignments at the agreed time and quality. We do this through a structured, documented and systematic approach.
  6. 433px-Bubo _ bubo_domesticatedWe aim, in mission and in own business, after finding the most optimal solutions from ecological, social and economic perspective.
  7. We believe that all people have equal value and strive to treat all people as we meet then. We keep ourselves informed about research and public debate on equality and diversity issues.
  8. We see regularly over the company’s decision-making processes to these should result in gender equality and equity, the ambition is to work according to the social sustainability system ISO 26000. It is not possible to certify in accordance with such a system. We comply with laws and regulations concerning occupational safety and health.
  9. We constantly strive to improve the company’s procedures and working methods from an ecological, economic and social perspective.
  10. The ambition is to follow the quality system ISO 9001 and the environmental management system ISO 14001, and our goal is to become certified according to these international standards.